EFT G626 6 Axis Agric. Spray Drone 25KG

Experience efficient and precise agricultural spraying with the powerful EFT G626 6 Axis Agric. Spray Drone, capable of carrying 25KG

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$3,658.00 $3,548.26

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4.26 out of 5 stars

12 reviews

Product Summary

The EFT G626 6 Axis Agric. Spray Drone 25KG is a powerful and versatile drone designed specifically for agricultural spraying purposes. With its six-axis stability and impressive 25KG payload capacity, it offers efficient and precise crop spraying, improving productivity and reducing the need for manual labor.

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Additional Product Details

  • High Payload Capacity
  • Precise Agricultural Spraying
  • Six-Axis Stability
  • Efficient and Fast Operation
  • Advanced GPS Positioning
  • Integrated Intelligent Flight Systems
  • High-Quality Build and Durability
  • User-Friendly Controls
  • Wide Coverage Area
  • Versatile Application Options
  • Time and Cost Savings in Crop Management
  • Increased Efficiency in Agriculture

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